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BALANCE4kids benefits students, teachers, and families in Santa Cruz County in three major ways. We provide aide support to schools at a low cost, which enables us to save the districts we serve tens of thousands of dollars each year by leaving the profit margin in the schools. Secondly, each year teachers are able to apply to our Teacher Grant Program for much needed supplies ranging from computers and art supplies to therapeutic equipment. To date BALANCE4kids has donated over $400,000 in supplies since beginning in 2000. Finally we have the Club Quest Community Center where programs such as Kid Quest enable children and young adults with and without disabilities to come together for activities such as music, cooking, theater, gardening, and field trips into the community. BALANCE4kids has donated over $350,000 to fund the Club Quest Community Center since 2009.

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Existing Conditions & Resources For Our Children with Disabilities Are Not Enough

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