Grants Awarded 2016


Name Description Awarded
William Smith Upsee $499.00

Happy Valley

Name Description Awarded
Tiffany Lansidel Willet Earobics, DVD burner, Fun Deck(s), Word Joggers, $50 Itunes $979.49


Name Description Awarded
Siena Castillo (5) wobble Chairs $380.35
Paula Codiga 32" Smart TV, Soundbar speakers $491.10
Andrea J. Cheszek Nylon Pinnies, Mesh Ball Bag, Playground Balls, Bumbie Ball, Foam Discs $132.43
Patricia Daniels (1) Chrome book, management license $30 $246.41
Carissa Lemos Ipad 4 Retina 16gb, Ipad Case, (8) fidget toys, (4) wobble chairs, magnetic money, ten-frame set, pattern blocks, time timers, etc. $894.23
Kristan Lindeke (5) Ipad mini 16gb ($239.99 ea) $1,298.94
Allison Lovel (2) Chromebooks, fidget toys $460.05
Erica Marquez (1) Chromebook $246.41
Erin Niland (1) Chromebook $227.06
Olivia Owens Zones of Regulation, 5 point scale, Skillstreaming, (5) therabands, fidget toys, reading strips, time trackers $541.45
Stephen Raser (3) Chromebooks $911.70
Katie Stewart 3 earmuffs, tangles, balance boards, pinwheels, squeeze balls, 3 time timers, therabands $234.20
Eliza Struthers Time Timers, balance cushions, seating discs, exercise bands, (3) Chromebooks, fidgets, etc $2,493.29
Cassedy Sullivan (3) Chromebooks $911.70
Cheryl Williams Expanding Expression Tools, 5 second rule, Name that word, Brain box, Seek a Boo, Magnetic Foam Objects $391.71

Live Oak

Name Description Awarded
Linda Baker Ipad 2, Ipad cover, Osmo Genius Kit $488.93
Andrea Brooks Ipad air 2 64gb refurb, Ipad Air case, Table and storage, Stool, Therapy apps $1,103.62
Amber Bryant Kids Soup total access bundle, Drying rack $220.55
James Hughes (6) Headphones, Viper tool storage cabinet, Joy Carpets kid essentials, thermal laminator, laminator pouches, weighted vest $762.15
Melissa Rosenoff Posters, Social Thinking books, Bilingual stress management guide, Kinetic sand, sand molds $291.03
Rebecca Turvy Bouncy Bands, MotivAider starter pack, Intervention handouts, Self-Regulation interventions, Anxiety Book, Worry Book, Art Activity book, Grumble book, Impulse control activities, No kidding about bullying $585.81
Cassie Winslow Super Duper Publications Games $290.02
Brad Edwards Giant Jenga, Cornhole, Paint, Clay, Bean Bag chair, Play doh $527.56


Name Description Awarded
Lea Graff Lively letters Poem book, phonological Awareness, phonics dot games, let's practice reading $208.44
Lisa Jacobs Flip book, Read to self phone, story element dice, sight words, writer's box $224.47
Any Lauta (5) ball chairs, (2) tangle jr, (7) bouncy bands, yuck-e balls, osmo wonder kit $710.08
Judy Lukasiewicz (2) dell computers, (2) monitors, (2) keyboards, (2) mouse $1,926.05
Sally Lussier Synonyms workbook, k-5 vocab, problem solving, sentence structure, articulation, social language development $355.58
Kristen Maure Laminator, laminator pouches $43.82
Jenae Silvestri 35 items! US puzzle, US presidents flash cards, America board game, Educational trivia card game, misc US history games. $477.83
Linda Wahler Animals books, Community helpers books, sports talk, weather books $422.75
Vickie Wick Ipad air 16gb, osmo genius kit $432.94


Name Description Awarded
Lindsey Cooper Letter Constructon, 4 color timer, Wobble chair, Motors Letters, Learn to move, Staying alert 448.21
Pamela Eiriksson (2) Ipad Air 2 16 gb, (2)Ipad pro cases $893.44
Anita Genis Go talk 20, Signing times series, Jr. basketball set $470.92
Chantel Murray Agility ladder, fitness bars, nubby balls, spikeballs, disc pack, velcro catch set $456.70
Rebecca Partridge Social Thinking problem solvers, animal earmuffs, Ipad Pro 32gb, silver $711.92
Annabelle Siino Drying Rack, watercolor paper, bluetooth speaker,  $260.85


Name Description Awarded
Cat Adrian Califone Cardmaster, Headphones, Phonics Fundamentals $621.17
Patricia Bautista (3) dell PCs $446.93
Mia Begin Ipad Air $329.25
Kathleen Butler Ipad Air 2, 32gb, case $489.41
Alice Cato Weighted blanket, seating disc, tactile set, stetro grips, pencil grips $432.20
Laurie Gibson Zones of Regulation, Superflex $123.75
Lyn Glick (3) sets of golf clubs, (4) chipping mats $494.05
Carmia Rios Silver Ipad air 2 32 gb, lightening Vga adapter, zagg case with keyboard $560.03
Kim Tucson Osmo Genius Kit, Osmo creative kit, unstuck and on target $210.07


Name Description Awarded
Liz Bullard Dollars Sense software, Language Builder, Safety Skills reader, personal safety strategies $791.64
Ali Chapin Kele Ipad air 2, 32 gb, Ipad Hideaway with stand, vision stimulators, $50 apple store gift card $1,130.98
Amy Evans Zoo Phonics Preschool $389.35
Kristyne Jolly Specialneeds toys, misc games and tools $1,029.96
Paul Lazzazzara Tandem bike, itunes ($80), (1) bike helmet, (1) youth helmet $428.71
Vicky Nunez  Ipad 32gb, smart cover $503.95
Katie Opdycke Ball chairs, pencil toppers, noise reduction headphones, beanbag chair, Massager, (2) vibra chews, $75 safeway gift card $411.91
Julie Pollack Ipad Air 32gb silver, apple care $522.83
Anne Spoon Wendy Vandergrift clay class $300.00
Jessamyn Tardif Ipad wifi 32 gb $476.91
Andrew Whitehead Room Divider, Smart TV, (2) Wedge Pillow, (2) Elevated Garden Bed $573.93
Becka York Tie dye class for 13 students $325.16

Total Awarded $34,245.38
Club Quest Community Center administrative and building costs $47,000

Kid Quest $16,000

TCI Training $42,000

Total for 2016 $139,245.38

Total for 2015 $95,829.07

Total for 2014 $52,677.09

Total for 2013 $47,503.53

Total for 2012 $42,273.43

Total for 2011 $53,391.50

Total for 2010 $131,941.05

Total for 2009 $119,325.03

Total for 2008 $176,901.98

Total for 2007 $84,876.21

Total for 2006 $29,693.80

Total for 2005 $19,444.00

Total for 2004 $17,798.00

Total for 2000-2003 $31,994.00

Grand Total $1,042,894.07

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