Interpreter For The Deaf
Pay rate: $16.00 - $19.00/hr

BALANCE4Kids seeks outstanding professionals who are committed to helping young people achieve success, enjoy working in a collaborative environment, look for opportunities to expand their capabilities, and view education as a partnership of students, staff, parents and community.

This position is responsible for performing accurate voice to sign and sign to voice interpretation for all classroom communication and dynamics between and among the teacher, students, and the deaf or hard of hearing student. Interpreters must adapt their signing to varying student needs and abilities. Interpreters must familiarize themselves with subject matter being taught. Interpreters also provide interpretation for other situations such as test administration, assemblies, extra-curricular activities, and perform other related duties as assigned. Part of the interpreter's role is to consult with teachers regarding student progress, tutor students when appropriate, and act as a professional resource on interpretation issues for other interpreters and District staff. Interpreters must use good judgment in their role, keeping in mind the Interpreters Code of Ethics and guidance from the program staff. Interpreters must maintain a dress code of clothing and accessories that facilitate students' reading of signs. This position may include accompanying high school students in community placements or vocational classes and the interpreter will need to provide communication support and academic and behavioral support.

We've taken care to identify the qualifications required for this position, and have numbered them so that you can clearly address each qualification in your letter of application.

  1. Thorough knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques of signing and interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing. Interpreting skill must be demonstrated by graduation from a recognized Interpreter Training Program
  2. Ability to perform accurate, timely, and effective signing for deaf and hard of hearing students.
  3. Ability to adapt signing to various student's needs and various school situations.
  4. Ability to provide academic or behavioral support to students, as directed by teachers or supervisors.
  5. Ability to schedule, organize, and prioritize work assignments to assure timely and effective completion.
  6. Ability to develop and maintain accurate records of assigned activities and programs.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  8. Ability to establish and maintain effective and appropriate working relationships with other employees, with deaf and hard of hearing students, and
  9. with hearing students.
  10. Supportive of public school programs for deaf students, and the mainstreaming of deaf students into classes and activities with hearing peers.

Please complete all steps in the application process so that we may fully consider you. We are seeking the best applicant for this position and will give time and care reviewing your materials.
Submit a Letter of Application addressing the Qualifications Required.

UPON HIRE: If you are hired, you will need to complete an Employment Eligibility Form and submit documentation to BALANCE4Kids for review and verification to comply with the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act. All offers of hire are contingent upon passing a nation-wide criminal history check. All newly hired employees must complete a probationary period of 90 days following their hire date.