Job Description

What are the working conditions?
Work a 35-hour week minimum, in a school setting with special needs child, under the supervision of a Registered nurse.

What personal qualities should one have? 
LVNs must also be able to maintain a calm nature even in stressful or emergency situations. Many LVN duties require good manual dexterity, & LVNs should enjoy working with their hands. Good communication & interpersonal skills are also essential for an LVN, who must interact with co-workers, patients, & other health care professionals on a daily basis. Finally, all employers want dependable employees, but dependability is especially important for LVNs, since a patient's welfare may depend on their work. LVNs should have a caring, sympathetic nature. They should be emotionally stable because work with special needs children can be stressful. They also should have keen observational and decision-making skills.