Quest Day Program
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Our Mission

     The idea for the Quest Day Program was born from the belief that learning and enrichment is an ongoing process for everyone. Our goal is to not only provide a safe and enriching environment, but to provide an adult day program that encourages personal growth and community inclusion. We mold our program activities, meal plans, and monthly focus based on the preferences and input of our participants, rather than expecting them to conform to program expectations. The focus of our program is our participants, because we believe the crux of developing autonomy and promoting individuality is understanding the value of each person and helping them to grow.    

Quest Day Program Center

     The Quest Day Program is housed in an ADA accessible center that features rooms for experiencing activities such as music, art, yoga, cooking, and book club. In addition, the center has a life lab garden where the participants can experience the pleasure and wonder of growing their own flowers, fruits and vegetables.

     For specialized activities such as adaptive yoga, the center has guest instructors come in and offer their expertise to our participants.   

Community Inclusion

     We want our participants to be a part of the community in a meaningful way. Every month we will have a focus on learning that culminates in related field trips in the community. We offer our participants the opportunity to participate in community activities and events throughout Santa Cruz County. Quest Day Program recognizes that teaching is best in the environment where the skill will be utilized, and that skills do not transfer easily from environment to environment. Therefore, training will be provided in the natural setting. We will explore life skills, health and nutrition, safety, and community awareness in a hands on manner by practicing transportation, shopping, and social events in a variety of settings.

Food Preparation

     Our participants will have the chance to be an integral part of the food preparation that they themselves eat. Quality, organic food is a huge focus of our program. Each meal will focus on nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet.

    Our lunch menu will be based on our clientsí current favorites with an always changing international menu. Consideration will be paid to participantsí dietary restrictions and alternatives will be provided. Whenever possible we incorporate grocery shopping and food budgeting into our participantsí daily schedule.

Quest Book Club

     We are proud to offer a Book Club through the Quest Day Program that is geared to readers of all levels. When literature is experienced through all of the senses it can be enjoyed to its fullest potential. Through our literacy program we include art and cooking projects, field trips, and engaging discussions based on the current book we are reading. We believe people need to experience the world, express their emotions, and enjoy the full benefit of literature through real-life adventures.

Registration Information

     The admissions criteria for the Quest Day Program are: individuals must be twenty two years and older, have special needs, and must have a desire to participate in the program. There must be a fit between the individual desiring services and the Quest Day Program.
To find out more information about the Quest Day Program, please call our office, or e-mail us. We will first contact you to schedule a meeting with the perspective client, their family/guardian/conservator(s) and the Quest Program Manager. 
If itís possible for our program to accommodate a new client, we will then send an informational packet, which contains a participant intake form, IPP goals, upcoming Quest Day Program event calendars, and registration information.

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Program Director: Colleen Russell

 Cell: (831) 421-1132

Program Manager: Christina Kim

 Cell: (831) 818-2489

Quest Social Center
 704 North Plymouth St.
Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060
Office: (831) 421-9159

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Executive Director: Victoria George