Club Quest

Club Quest was developed in January of 2006, when participants from our eldest age group (14-22 years old) asked for a more mature name and logo to accompany their maturity level. In Club Quest we focus on activities that strengthen life skills and social skills as well as developing new community skills. Some of these activities include: going to the mall, seeing movies, cooking and eating meals together, hiking, dancing, sports of all kinds, playing music, self advocacy workshops, using public transportation, rock climbing, and horseback riding…all while having a good time in the company of friends!
We feel that a very important aspect of our program is that we take suggestions from our participants and their families, and shape our events to meet our participants’ interests and goals. Club Quest strives to cater to all of our participants and help them develop their interests into life-long hobbies.
If you or your family have any suggestions or are interested in joining Club Quest, please call us at: (831) 421-9159 or you can e-mail us at

Thank you!

Colleen Russell