It becomes apparent when walking onto many school campuses that the children with special needs can be seen wandering alone through throngs of children situated together in small cliques. Many children with special needs do not yet own the social skills and confidence to join together with the regular education students. It is our ardent mission to empower all children and young adults that attend our Social Center to feel good about who they are so that they may go into their communities and schools with a strong feeling of self-confidence. It will be our responsibility to nurture our participants to develop relationships not only with their peers but also with all children that they meet.

The Club Quest Social Center

The Club Quest Social Center is a recreation center and is available to children and young adults aged three to twenty-two. The Center is an ADA accessible home that features rooms for experiencing activities such as music, art, cooking, theater, games, and a reading room to promote literacy skills and social discussion around book topics. The Center is also home to a rabbit, guinea pigs, and chickens that help the children learn responsibility and receive the gratification that comes from caring for other living things. In addition, the Center has a Life Lab garden where the participants can experience the pleasure and wonder of growing their own flowers and vegetables.

The Center provides workshops for self advocacy and empowerment. For specialized activities such as drama or martial arts, the Center has instructors come in and offer their expertise to our participants. The Center will encourage participation from children and young adults with special needs, as well as their typically-developing peers, in order to achieve full community inclusion.

The idea for the Club Quest Social Center was born from the reality that children and young adults with special needs are often isolated and not included in after school activities in which typically-developing people are invited. The Center provides a unique opportunity for children and young adults to interact with their peers in an environment which can provide them the tools and setting to make socialization a reality. We believe all people deserve the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships and to fulfill their potential.

Community Events
We offer our participants the opportunity to join their friends in social activities within our community. The experience of being with their peers in this setting allows opportunities to learn life skills, but also to simply enjoy these events with their friends. Generally, parents will bring their children to the event and then pick them up afterward.
We often go bowling, play mini-golf, spend the day at the Boardwalk, go shopping, and have dinner and watch a movie. Other events have included sailing in the bay, horseback riding, a day at Monterey Bay Aquarium, and visiting Seymour Long Marine Lab, among many others.
Monthly calendars can be viewed on our website at Event letters explaining location, times, and fees (if activity requires tickets or admission) are sent out in advance. If SARC hours are not available to you, the private pay fee also applies.
You can sign up by emailing Valerie at or by calling the Quest Social Center at (831) 421-9159.

Registration Information
To find out more information about Kid Quest, please call our office, or e-mail us. We will send an informational packet, which contains a participant intake form, upcoming Center and event calendars, and registration information.
Once all the intake information has been completed and sent in, Quest participants may then sign up for the monthly community events and Center activities that they are interested in attending.
Prior to an activity we send participants an event letter to help better prepare them for the day’s adventure. We ask that participants register 5 days in advance of their chosen activity to ensure that we have adequate staff and that they receive their letter on time. To register for Center activities, please call (831) 421-9159 or e-mail the Quest Social Center at To register for Community Events, please e-mail Valerie at

The Social Center will provide Kid Quest the proper space and storage for Sensory diet equipment (i.e., water table, etc.) Sensory Integration issues continue to be a major impediment to the ability of children with special needs to comfortably participate in recreational activities. By releasing children from the sensory constraints of their individual disabilities we can open up the world of community and the opportunity for friendship.

The Center will also be a place where the participants will feel free to explore their artistic side. They will be able to experiment and work in several different artistic mediums; photography, painting, film, theatre, sculpture, etc. For each of these art lessons, a volunteer artist in that particular medium will discuss the techniques and possibilities of their chosen field with the participants, and guide them through the artistic process, showing them the endless possibilities of expression through art.

The following activities are provided at the Club Quest Social Center:
· Advocacy Training
· Aikido
· Animal Care
· Art
· Book Club
· Cooking
· Gardening
· Indoor and Outdoor Sports
· Music
· Theatrical Drama


Kid Quest and Club Quest participants adding to the Quest garden on Earth Day 2008.

Teaching Self Advocacy

The Social Center will serve as a place to go to for information about community events and for individuals with disabilities to receive training and support in self advocacy. It is vital that we teach our participants that they are important members of our society and that we all have something to contribute. We will utilize “Kid Power,” a program that BALANCE4Kids helped provide funding for in our schools. KIDPOWER TEENPOWER FULLPOWER International helps people of all ages and abilities to be successful in learning and practicing personal safety, confidence, self-protection and advocacy skills. The skills that they teach help participants prevent or stop most bullying, molestation, assault and abduction.

Cooking and Gardening

From the garden, and the kitchen, and the table, you learn empathy–for each other and for all of creation; you learn compassion; and you learn patience and self-discipline; and through the joint inclusion of all children we hope to teach these lessons. Children will share songs, stories, and information about recycling and how to live in harmony with the natural world. The garden is a friend where children can rest, water, dig, sit, paint and write, relaxed.

We will strive to teach them the joy of the table, the pleasures of real work, and the meaning of community. Friends and families of our participants will be warmly welcomed to enjoy meals at the center in group settings in the garden.


Impromptu Respite
The Center will be a huge benefit to families looking for ways to enrich the lives of their children. It will be of double benefit to the families in need of respite who do not have a respite worker; by being able to drop off their children at unscheduled times their respite would become impromptu, which would be ideal for many families. If you were to ask any parent of a special needs child what they would wish for in respite their response would be to be able to leave to go out at a moments notice without any prior planning. With experienced special education personnel on staff at the Social Center; parents can readily relax knowing that their child is not only in safe hands but about to experience an enriched time of fun and social interaction.